Supplements and equipment do nothing to build muscle if you can't hang on to the weight! Our athletes and distributors all agree, Freek Gym Chalk is the most advanced grip-enhancer on the market.  

Formulated with a powerful blend of antiperspirant ingredients and magnesium carbonate, Grip Grit and Grip Glue is the only gym chalk designed stop sweat for an entire workout with just one application!

Stop chalking up so much, and lift more!


"I've been competing in powerlifting and now strongman for a while. I had always hated chalk and flat out refused to use it until now! Since using Freek Strength Grip Grit, I've not had a deadlift slip out of my sweaty palms. Our gym is in an un-airconditioned warehouse facility in Texas and believe me there are tons of sweaty palms in this place. Gym members have dubbed it "Sara's Magic Chalk". It was even used at a USPA meet for all the lifters during the deadlift and it got nothing but rave reviews!"

Sara Geer, Competitor Ready

"This stuff is sick! It lasted my entire work out no problem. I like the color too."

Kyle Rawson

"Grip glue has been incredible, i can quickly apply chalk on my hands without the mess. Highly recommended"

Zach Gardner